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9H Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Model Number : Galaxy S4
  • Color : Other
  • Raw Material : AGC glass from Japan
  • Workmanship : Chemical toughening process for 4 hours
  • Thickness : 0.33mm
  • Edge : 2.5D Curved Edge
  • Hardness : The surface reaches up to 9H
  • Durability : privacy, anti scratch, anti shatter
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This new designed Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 adopts with new developed privacy AB glue, featured with ultra thin and evenly.

Keep your personal, privacy, sensitivity information hidden from people standby.

Privacy tempered glass protector, 300 lateral border voyeur,
Effective explosion-proof, Effectively defend greasy dirt and fingerprints, High performance high temperature.

Protects your privacy, 300 lateral border voyeur
30 degree lateral border voyeur, only known by yourself, Complete protect privacy,
30 degree Profile of Eliminated peeping, know by yourself is better

Six layer structures: Nano- coating, 9H scratch-resistant layer, 1800privacy, Tempered glass, explosion-proof, silicone coated
1. Nano- coating
2. 9H scratch-resistant layer
3. 1800 privacy
4. Tempered glass
5. explosion-proof
6. silicone coated

2.5D arc edge technology
With polished 2.5 D curved edge design provides smooth & very responsive touch, durable usage.

Explosion-proof technology
With special tempering treatment, it can prevent the glass film from shattering and be used more secure.
Effectively buffer impact forces and protect the screen from breaching.

9H Super Anti-scratch technology
Tempered glass material through high temperature dealing.
The hardness to the 9H can anti-scratch and wear.

Delicate Touch
Silicone Adhesive coating: No glue residue when removed, Enhance the experience and utilization of touch screen and stylus features.

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