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Aluminum Full Body Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6s plus

  • Model Number : iPhone 6s Plus
  • Color : Black
  • Raw Material : AGC, NSG or Corning
  • Workmanship : 4 hours tempering process
  • Thickness : 0.33mm
  • Edge : Direct Angle
  • Hardness : 9H
  • Durability : Full Body, Scratch Resist
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Die-Cut Outline

Precisely cut to cover the entire flat surface of your device screen, keeping the speaker,
camera and home button totally unobstructed.

Raw Materials
Aluminum Alloy Border & Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Products Advantages

  ① Glass comparison
  High quality requirements have being set strictly to products by adopting imported glass such as AGC glass, Corning glass, NSG glass etc.   On the market nowadays, some manufacturers reduce the cost by using the inferior glass, poor quality products with cheap prices to catch the buyers'attention.  

  ② AB Glue comparison
  Our Tempered glass screen protectors use the best AB Glue in the market and a specialized Silicone resin with good re-striping resistance which provides a smudge-proof coating on the LCD screen surface.  

Other suppliers use poor quality AB glue, although it is applicable, there will be residue and smudge on the screen after removal, and this will brings the impact on the screen.


  ③ Strengthening comparison
  Our products have been put in chemical cans with high temperature for more than 4 hours for strengthening. By using this process, it improves the level of Anti impact and anti shatter greatly than regular glass screen protectors.  

Reducing the cost by not having strengthening process, then the flexibility and density of products can't reach the standard which makes the screen protectors are easy to break.


  ④ Oleophobic/ Hydrophobic comparison
  Our Tempered glass screen protectors have high polymer anti fingerprints, anti smudges, water proof coating. Even a slight dust can be removed easily at any circumstances.  

It appears that some suppliers are having efficient productivity, however, they are reducing the process with no anti fingerprints, anti smudges, water proof coating.


Easy Installation, Adsorb automatically by a gentle tough.

Aluminum Border


This series Full Body iPhone 6s Plus screen protector is our latest improved style specially designed for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s plus.

Adopts with ultra-slim aluminum border and 9H real tempered glass with high-definition transparency.

Olephobic coating (fingerprints proof), explosion resistance. If broken, the glass breaks into small pieces for safety, exactly the same as car windscreen.
Tempered glass absorbs almost any impact without shattering into small pieces, leaving your iPhone 6s plus screen completely intact.

Scratch proof from key, knives,etc.


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