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tempered glass screen protectors iphone 6
tempered glass screen protectors iphone 6
  • tempered glass screen protectors iphone 6
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Electroplating Full Face Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6

  • Model Number : iPhone 6
  • Color : Gold/Silver
  • Raw Material : AGC glass from Japan
  • Workmanship : Chemical toughening process for 4 hours
  • Thickness : 0.33mm
  • Edge : 2.5D Curved Edge
  • Hardness : The surface reaches up to 9H
  • Durability : scratch protection, and scratch resistance from hammer, screwdriver, sharp knives…etc.
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Full Screen Colorful Electroplating Tempered Glass Protector
2.5d Cured Edge

2.5 D curved edge design, provides smooth & very responsive touch, durable usage.


Full cover the touch screen, protect all the screen from scratch and impact.

Six color style for Electroplating Tempered Glass Film for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus
Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Purple

Front and back for iPhone 6 and 6 plus Electroplating Tempered Glass Protectors
Color: Gold / Silver / Red / Green / Blue / Purple

9H Hardness: The surface hardness reaches up to 8~9H (It doubled the strength of an ordinary glass.)

Anti-explosion effectively, buffer-shock effectively, its impact-resistance from Hummers, sharp knives and such, ranks second only to diamond.

Ultra thin 0.33mm
Ultra clear for 99% transparency, crystal clear clarity of screencolors, more clear than ordinary glass film.

Extremely highly luminousness
With the glittering and translucent quality, the glass gives original colors back to the screen.

Low rate of spontaneous explosion
Due to few nis in the raw materials of the ultra white glass, the rate of spontaneous explosion has been largely reduced.

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