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iPhone 6 Screen Protectors are compatible for iPhone 6s


As an OEM manufacturer of tempered glass screen protectors, we receive inquiries 
for whether iPhone 6 glass screen protector is compatible for iPhone 6s, why they got air bubble in the edge when applied iPhone 6 screen protector on iPhone 6s, does the glass protector reduce Force Touch sensibility... Here we want to make it clear to all of our customers.

First of all, we can definitely tell you, the size of glass screen protectors for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are same, that means the glass screen protectors are universal for those two models.

Secondly, we have tested our 0.33mm and 0.2mm thickness glass screen protectors on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. It delivers smoothly touching experience. You can enjoy the Force Touch with the protection of glass screen protection.

Thirdly, how to avoid air bubble? 
1. Clean the screen by install kit, make sure there is no dust left on the screen;
2. Correctly and precisely install glass screen protector, avoiding to remove it when it's installed.
3. If you follow 1 & 2, and there is still some air bubble, you may got a poor quality screen protector.
4. Actually it's not easy to install glass screen protector precisely, especial for end-users. Here I introduce Easy Applicator to help you install glass screen protectors fast and precise: iPhone 6/6s tempered glass screen protector with Easy Applicator

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