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Anti Blue Light Screen Protector 0.33mm 2.5D

Prolonged exposure to smartphones and tablets can lead to digital eye fatigue and eye strain.

The devices emits a form of bright, including the blue light. The negative for us is cause the intensity of blue light, it can lead to digital eye strain. Blue light also can lower melatonin level which is associated with deep, peaceful sleep.

Testing with different AB glues, we find the best filter blue light.

ZiFriend Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector is made with special Japan AB glue and AGC or NSG glass.

Compare with 20-30% filter rate of the market level, ZiFriend Blue Light Cut Screen Protector can filter blue light up to 34%, and is professional to block the high intensity of 450nm - 470nm blue light.

It also features with 8-9H hardness and excellent fingerprint resistant.

We can improve this Anti Blue Light Glass Screen Protector by combining the different features of Silk Printing Color Frame,  Flexible Glass 0.2mm or Titanium Border.

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