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Standardless Unprofessional Suppliers  
Tempered Glass Screen Protector product is developing rapidly with no executive standard. Plenty of Unprofessional suppliers have no R&D, testing instrument, QC...etc, whose product quality has no way to guarantee.  
Serious Competition Misleading Promotion  
Serious Competition pushes suppliers reducing price by sacrificing product quality. Misleading promotion is all around and It, s difficult for consumers to identify a good quality Tempered Glass Screen Protector at reasonable price.  
Focusing in high quality Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  ① Glass Raw Material
  Ours: Schott, Corning, AGC, NSG or the other same class glass with original MTC.   Others: Various quality and poor stability, largely depending by purchasing cost fluctuation.  

  ② AB Adhesive Glue Performance
  Ours: Japanese Nippa, Toyo or COSMOTAC or the other same class AB glue with original MTC, which ensure a higher touch sensitivity, transmittance rate, lamination quality and air bubble free application performance.  

Others: Unknow brand generally poor adhesive performance, not re-usable, quality complain risk increase, short life time.


  ③ Strengthening Property
  Ours: Glass Strengthening in furnace above 400℃ and lasting for more than 4 hours is a must in order to get an excellent mechanical property.  

Others: Shortening the Strengthening time to about 2 hours or even without Strengthening Tempering in order to reduce cost, which makes a poor quality TG Screen Protector with application safety issue.


  ④ Coating Performance
  Ours: Executing with electroplating sputtering technology, Oleophobic Coating, Anti-fingerprint, Anti-Smudge, easy to keen the screen in clean condition.  

Others: By traditional hand-finish coating, poor performance, easy to have fingerpirnt, dust and oil, coating may vanish in 1 or 2 weeks.

   Professional, powerful production machinery and equipment under international quality management system.  
  Material Cutting   CNC Workshop   Polishing & Gridding  
  Chemical Strengthening   Coating   Ultrasonic Cleaning  
  AB Glue Adhesive   QC   Warehousing  
  1.Customized Services Include

① Logo

② Product Image

③ Model Info

④ Company

⑤ Barcode

⑥ Achohol Pad

⑦ Dust Remover Stickers

⑧ Inner Paper Card

⑨ Other Content

  2. More customizing Packaging solution available
  After-sales service  
  Free installation instructions will be provided;  
  Free Photos, Videos, detailed products information are available for sharing in order to help our clients do better marketing in their country.  
  To start the warranty claim after goods on arrival in 7 days, please email us include the following
information, all of which is required:
  Invoice Number Product Purchased  
  Image of Issue Feedback / Description of Problem  
  Solutions for the defectives confirmed by us after checking it thoroughly are:  
  Provide replacement Return the goods  
  Refund/ Compensation Replenishment to the repeat order  
  Should you have any comments, questions, or concerns that are non-warranty related, feel free to email our Zifriend sales team.  

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